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Luminary Melboune

Aspect Clear Skin Complex

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A clearing treatment that ensures your skin stays free from problems like congestion and shine. Not quite a moisturiser, and not quite a traditional serum, this complex sits somewhere in between as an active treatment product. Aspect Clear Skin Complex is a salicylic acid-free product that uses AHAs to cleanse deep into the skin to reduce bacteria that causes breakouts. With a natural matte finish, Aspect Clear Skin Complex helps to bind moisture to the skin without adding a feeling of weight, and while keeping the skin shine-free for longer. This product is your go to for any pregnant women experiencing breakouts or congestion and safe to use.  

Who should use Aspect Clear Skin Complex?

  • Aspect Clear Skin Complex is ideal for combination to oily skin types that are prone to breakouts. Those experiencing deep, painful breakouts will especially enjoy the deep exfoliation this provides.  

What does Aspect Clear Skin Complex do?

  • Helps to keep the skin free from excess shine
  • Helps to prevent breakouts before they occur
  • Helps to keep the follicles on the skin clear and unclogged

What makes Aspect Clear Skin Complex different?

  • Citric acid - a gentle AHA that helps to boost your skin’s natural exfoliation to leave you with smoother skin, and a clarified complexion
  • Chelating agent - a complex that ensures that Aspect Clear Skin Complex stays active throughout the day

Apply after cleansing and application of serums and before your SPF. Can be used morning and night if the skin can tolerate.