"LUMINARY -a person who inspires others."

Nicolette Kocsi designed Luminary Melbourne with a focus of mixing classic beauty techniques with modern technologies. This ensures complete delivery of client care, education and active ingredients. All treatments are customised to each clients skin concerns and conditions ensuring bespoke clinical treatments, while receiving the same level of filament following a spa treatment. This ensures the highest standard of treatments and delivering our vision - luminous skin for life. 


​At the start of your Luminary journey a clinical therapist will take you through Luminary Skin Consultation. This consultation is preformed over 60 minutes. A complete consultation including collection of all relevant information on skin concerns, conditions & goals.  A double cleanse, a touch analysis and Observ skin analysis are inclusive. The Observ skin analysis machine uses a camera that captures not only what is visible on your skin, but what lies beneath the surface, the Observ gives you the most accurate picture of your overall skin health. A mini treatment is preformed according to the skin condition. Finally your skin care regime and tailored treatment plan is finalised to deliver effective results.


​Suitable for all skin types and customised to each clients condition. Luminary Light Therapy Facial is a custom cleanse, followed by a powerful blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory & hydration infusions with sonophoresis. This allows deeper product penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin. Dermalux light therapy is chosen for a powerful collagen and elastin boost, wound repairing  response and total skin rejuvenation. This facial is the perfect introduction to Luminary Melbourne's techniques and guidance. Luminary Light Therapy Facial is best performed weekly and can be purchased in a pack of 10.  


​A luxurious blend of classic facial techniques mixed with modern technology, delivering actives into the skin, completing and restoring the overall skins health delivering a luminous glow. A mix of diamond head exfoliation and an AHA peel repairs dehydration, congestion, discolouration and premature fine lines and wrinkles whilst supporting the skins integrity are complemented by an infusion of antioxidant boosters. A customised double mask paired with Dermalux light therapy stimulate the cells energy, restoring hydration, clarity and calm to the skins health. A complete and customised experience for every clients skin condition. 

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